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Embracing Animism

When our ancestors stepped outside, they saw a world teeming with spirits. Trees, stones, rivers, plants – all were embodied by living beings that could visit good or ill uponContinue readingEmbracing Animism


Is Meditation Safe For People With Trauma?

Mindfulness meditation as a way of treating trauma and PTSD is a hot topic. There is a growing amount of research that shows meditation is beneficial to people with PTSD.Continue readingIs Meditation Safe For People With Trauma?

Bealtine Bonfire Uisneach 2018

What Is A Pagan? Are You One?

Wondering if this website is meant for you? First off, if you or someone you love has experienced trauma, then this site is meant for you. That means theres aContinue readingWhat Is A Pagan? Are You One?


Nature As Healer

Science has found a lot of proof in recent years of what our Ancestors knew all along: Nature is our greatest healer. “There is mounting evidence, from dozens and dozensContinue readingNature As Healer


Recent Articles

Loki as Trauma Survivor

This being a blog about trauma, most every deity I encounter gets a write up about it eventually – either in how they experienced it in the lore, or howContinue readingLoki as Trauma Survivor


Learning About Loki

It began, as far as I can consciously tell, with John Beckett’s article about Loki’s message at this year’s Mystic South conference. As I read his report of the Trickster’sContinue readingLearning About Loki


Lugh, Fascism, And Family Trauma: An Appalachian Lughnassadh

It’s been just over a year since we signed the papers and finally settled down on a mountaintop in western North Carolina. Sometimes I drive around town and still marvelContinue readingLugh, Fascism, And Family Trauma: An Appalachian Lughnassadh


Appalachian Folk Magic: All About Stump Water

The magic practiced in the backwoods of Appalachia for the past few hundred years has been, by necessity, one that used what the practitioner had to hand. Before we hadContinue readingAppalachian Folk Magic: All About Stump Water


These Sacred Mountains

It’s been raining all day today, a magical sound in the Smoky Mountains. Up here, my little farm sits at about 3100 ft, and sometimes that means the clouds wrapContinue readingThese Sacred Mountains


So You Want To Hex a Public Figure

There’s apparently quite a controversy brewing over on Tik Tok about hexing public figures, such as Supreme Court Justices. Having cast a few successful hexes, I’m here to offer someContinue readingSo You Want To Hex a Public Figure


The Mórrígan as Mother and More: My Appearance on Personal Pans

I had the honor of appearing this week on the Personal Pans podcast with Vanessa Walilko. We had so much fun, I feel like I’ve gained a new friend. Here’sContinue readingThe Mórrígan as Mother and More: My Appearance on Personal Pans


Do Abusive Ancestors Grow On The Other Side?

More thoughts spurred by Tyler Henry’s new Netflix series, Life After Death. In one episode, Tyler gives a message where a departed mother apologizes for how she treated her childContinue readingDo Abusive Ancestors Grow On The Other Side?


Appalachian Folk Magic, Hoodoo & Appropriation

Perusing Twitter yesterday as I recovered from breaking down my campsite, I came across this: Yikes. Obviously I had thoughts. I’ve left multiple “Appalachian witchcraft” groups on Facebook because whatContinue readingAppalachian Folk Magic, Hoodoo & Appropriation


Becoming A Forest Witch

Now that I live in my own forest in southern Appalachia, it’s time to turn my back on humanity and become the forest witch we all learned about in fairyContinue readingBecoming A Forest Witch


Pagan Resources

Recommended Reading

Books I have found helpful in my journey, in no particular order. I will add and link to reviews as I can. Note: these are affiliate links. Clicking here toContinue readingRecommended Reading

Athlone, Ireland

The Irish Pagan School

Whether your spiritual path has an Irish flavor to it or not, Lora O’Brien and the Irish Pagan School is one of the best resources you’ll ever find. Lora hasContinue readingThe Irish Pagan School


ANY Book By Morgan Daimler

Morgan Daimler is one of the most prolific authors in modern Paganism, and they cover a wide range of topics. Their books are always scrupulously researched and academically sound, whileContinue readingANY Book By Morgan Daimler


The Path Of Paganism by John Beckett

If I had to recommend a single book for beginning a pagan practice regardless of the pantheon or Gods you’re drawn to, it would have to be this one. Mr.Continue readingThe Path Of Paganism by John Beckett