Self Care

Self care can mean lots of different things – perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a candlelight bubble bath. But there’s so many ways of taking care of ourselves.

Here you’ll find a growing list of self-care ideas. Some are YouTube videos that can calm you when you’re anxious or cheer you up when you’re sad. Others are products I personally use and endorse – so some of the links will be affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything using those links, it won’t change anything about your shopping or increase your cost at all, but it will contribute to keeping this blog going without having to plaster advertising all over it.

If you have self-care suggestions, let us know in the comments below the articles!

Spring in Appalachia: Starting a Farm With Trauma

It’s an absolutely beautiful day here in western North Carolina. We’re having a run of unseasonably warm weather which has me itching to get the garden going. I have dreams.Continue readingSpring in Appalachia: Starting a Farm With Trauma


Embracing The Darkness of Yule and Winter

The shortest day of the year is drawing to a close as I write this. Yule is a time of darkness as much as it is a celebration of returningContinue readingEmbracing The Darkness of Yule and Winter


Self Care Magic: A Heathen Healing Spell

I’m currently reading Elves, Witches and Gods by Cat Heath (Review coming soon, but spoiler: It’s fantastic and you should buy it now) and I cannot stop thinking about oneContinue readingSelf Care Magic: A Heathen Healing Spell


Finnegan Fox on YouTube

I am absolutely in love with this cheeky little bastard of a fox! Save A Fox Rescue is the only channel on YouTube on which I rarely if ever skipContinue readingFinnegan Fox on YouTube


ASMR Videos

Have you ever been just going about your day – maybe you’re getting a haircut, or you’re at the doctor – and something you hear causes the back of yourContinue readingASMR Videos


My Favorite Skin Care

I have to admit that since the Pandemic I have not been as regular with skin care as I have been in the past. Part of that is garden-variety depressionContinue readingMy Favorite Skin Care


Random Stuff I Love

Following are random affiliate links to stuff I happen to love. If you see something you need, ordering through these links will not change your price or experience, but willContinue readingRandom Stuff I Love


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