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After Abuse: Do We Have To Forgive To Heal?

Tina Turner has an incredible life story. From abject poverty in Nutbush, TN to world superstardom and rock Icon status. But no matter what she does or how much sheContinue readingAfter Abuse: Do We Have To Forgive To Heal?


Goddess Macha and Justice For Daunte Wright

Last night my oldest son was watching a live stream from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota in our living room. Friends and neighbors had gathered in shock and anger over the deathContinue readingGoddess Macha and Justice For Daunte Wright


The Goddess Áine and Sexual Trauma

CW: Sexual Assault Áine (pronounced awn-ya) is a powerful Sovereignty Goddess centered in Co. Limerick, Ireland. She’s celebrated at the summer solstice, when farmers would (and sometimes still do) lightContinue readingThe Goddess Áine and Sexual Trauma


Preparing For Magic

My parents have finally gone too far. I am, for the first time, going to hex them. Obviously they’ve done a lifetime’s worth of damage to me. But one weekContinue readingPreparing For Magic


Recommended Reading

Books I have found helpful in my journey, in no particular order. I will add and link to reviews as I can. Note: these are affiliate links. Clicking here toContinue readingRecommended Reading


Can People With Family Trauma Do Ancestor Work?

So apparently there are some occult-types who think Ancestor veneration is required for all of us. But for those of us with trauma, family is often a tricky subject. IfContinue readingCan People With Family Trauma Do Ancestor Work?


Self Care Magic: A Heathen Healing Spell

I’m currently reading Elves, Witches and Gods by Cat Heath (Review coming soon, but spoiler: It’s fantastic and you should buy it now) and I cannot stop thinking about oneContinue readingSelf Care Magic: A Heathen Healing Spell


Xanax Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

I am shaky. Lightheaded and dizzy. When I stand up I feel an intense wave of dizziness that makes me sway on my feet and dims my vision. It feelsContinue readingXanax Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome


Finnegan Fox on YouTube

I am absolutely in love with this cheeky little bastard of a fox! Save A Fox Rescue is the only channel on YouTube on which I rarely if ever skipContinue readingFinnegan Fox on YouTube


ASMR Videos

Have you ever been just going about your day – maybe you’re getting a haircut, or you’re at the doctor – and something you hear causes the back of yourContinue readingASMR Videos

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