Trauma & Healing

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What is Trauma?

Terror. Unbearable and intolerable pain. Your body releases a surge of adrenaline, causing your senses to be hyper sensitive, while other non-immediate bodily functions slow or stop. Your heart races,Continue readingWhat is Trauma?

What Does It Mean To “Heal?”

“You have to accept the fact that this may never go away. That the best you can do is manage it.” I sat, stunned, unable to reply to my therapist.Continue readingWhat Does It Mean To “Heal?”

How Trauma Affects Your Brain

The 1990’s unleashed a neuroscience revolution, as novel brain-imaging techniques allowed scientists to process information in real time. For the first time in history, scientists watched human brains process memories,Continue readingHow Trauma Affects Your Brain

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD/C-PTSD)

You don’t have to be a military veteran to suffer from PTSD. As mentioned in the article What is Trauma? there are an infinite number of events that can leadContinue readingPost-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD/C-PTSD)

How To Begin Healing Now

Now that we have a basic understanding of trauma and how it affects our brain, we can begin doing things that repair the damage. As mentioned before, healing is aContinue readingHow To Begin Healing Now

This Site and It’s Purpose

Why Old Gods?

People of all faith types – even those who don’t believe in gods at all – experience trauma and it’s aftermath. Living with PTSD or other scars from abuse, traumaticContinue readingWhy Old Gods?

Who Am I?

Howdy! My name is Lisa, and as you’ll see I have quite a history with trauma. The most important thing there is to know is that I am still here,Continue readingWho Am I?

My Story

What do I know about this trauma thing? I share my experiences here. Some of these stories are pretty intense. I share them not because I have “arrived” and completelyContinue readingMy Story

Articles & Resources

The Collective Trauma of George Floyd’s Murder

I’m going to start with a disclaimer: I am not a Black person, so I hope to tread very carefully in this post. It is not my intention to centerContinue readingThe Collective Trauma of George Floyd’s Murder


What A Flashback Feels Like

CW: child abuse. I was alone, waiting in the exam room for my Psychiatrist to arrive for my appointment. He was running a bit behind, and my mind began toContinue readingWhat A Flashback Feels Like


Lugh’s Response To Family Trauma

Lugh is a fairly famous fellow, as Irish Gods go. He features pretty prominently in the old Irish sagas, from leading the Tuatha Dé Danann in the Battle of MoyturaContinue readingLugh’s Response To Family Trauma


Anthony Bourdain, Vincent Van Gogh and Actually Helping Suicidal People

CW: Suicide.This article originally appeared on our sister-site Pentecostal To Pagan on June 8, 2018 8 years ago this week, my beloved Doctor Who ran one of the best episodes in show history.Continue readingAnthony Bourdain, Vincent Van Gogh and Actually Helping Suicidal People


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