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What is Trauma?

Terror. Unbearable and intolerable pain. Your body releases a surge of adrenaline, causing your senses to be hyper sensitive, while other non-immediate bodily functions slow or stop. Your heart races,Continue readingWhat is Trauma?

What Does It Mean To “Heal?”

“You have to accept the fact that this may never go away. That the best you can do is manage it.” I sat, stunned, unable to reply to my therapist.Continue readingWhat Does It Mean To “Heal?”

How Trauma Affects Your Brain

The 1990’s unleashed a neuroscience revolution, as novel brain-imaging techniques allowed scientists to process information in real time. For the first time in history, scientists watched human brains process memories,Continue readingHow Trauma Affects Your Brain

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD/C-PTSD)

You don’t have to be a military veteran to suffer from PTSD. As mentioned in the article What is Trauma? there are an infinite number of events that can leadContinue readingPost-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD/C-PTSD)

How To Begin Healing Now

Now that we have a basic understanding of trauma and how it affects our brain, we can begin doing things that repair the damage. As mentioned before, healing is aContinue readingHow To Begin Healing Now

This Site and It’s Purpose

Why Old Gods?

People of all faith types – even those who don’t believe in gods at all – experience trauma and it’s aftermath. Living with PTSD or other scars from abuse, traumaticContinue readingWhy Old Gods?


Who Am I?

Howdy! My name is Lisa, and as you’ll see I have quite a history with trauma. The most important thing there is to know is that I am still here,Continue readingWho Am I?


My Story

What do I know about this trauma thing? I share my experiences here. Some of these stories are pretty intense. I share them not because I have “arrived” and completelyContinue readingMy Story


Articles & Resources

How Sharing Trauma Can Make A Difference

Heartbreaking Stories of “Late Term Abortions” Helped Me See The Lies I’d Been Told By the “Pro-Life” Movement I was raised to believe abortion was murder. That as an adoptee,Continue readingHow Sharing Trauma Can Make A Difference


No, Love Doesn’t Win

It’s been a rough few days. A good friend of mine, venting rage and frustration about the general loss of bodily autonomy and civil rights we’re witnessing said something alongContinue readingNo, Love Doesn’t Win


It’s All Just Too Much

Two years ago I wrote about the Collective Trauma of George Floyd’s Murder. Since then, over a million Americans have died from Covid. We watched a violent insurrection take placeContinue readingIt’s All Just Too Much


The “Domestic Supply of Infants” and “Pro-Life” Thinking

I was adopted as an infant. Relinquished at birth and placed at 7 weeks. My family was open about this from the beginning, and one of my very earliest memoriesContinue readingThe “Domestic Supply of Infants” and “Pro-Life” Thinking


Why I Hate Mother’s Day. Also, Please Don’t Say This To Me

Mother’s Day is really painful for people with abusive childhoods. We try to avoid the day on social media, but it’s nearly impossible. Obviously lots of people have mother’s worthContinue readingWhy I Hate Mother’s Day. Also, Please Don’t Say This To Me


This Was Always Gonna Happen

So SCOTUS is gonna overturn Roe v Wade, and a lot of folks out there are shocked. If I had $1 for everyone on Twitter who’s take was “bUt ThEy’LlContinue readingThis Was Always Gonna Happen


Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Finally Made Me Cry

I’ve been trying not to pay too close attention, because I grew up with domestic violence. Maybe obvs but CW for domestic violence ahead. And right now I really don’tContinue readingJohnny Depp And Amber Heard Finally Made Me Cry


Trauma Brain: What Living With CPTSD Looks Like

Trauma causes permanent changes to the brain. I wrote an actually coherent – articulate even – article about the science around it here: Your Brain On Trauma. This video isContinue readingTrauma Brain: What Living With CPTSD Looks Like


Donald Trump Shows Typical Abuser Behavior by Blaming Nancy Pelosi For Not Stopping J6

CW: Victim Blaming The events of January 6, 2021 are seared on the brains of many Americans. My household watched the carnage unfold via YouTube livestreams until it finally gotContinue readingDonald Trump Shows Typical Abuser Behavior by Blaming Nancy Pelosi For Not Stopping J6


A Word About The Oscar’s Incident

My oldest was surfing Twitter when it happened, and soon the whole household was debating whether or not it was a bit. Then we saw Jada Pinkett Smith’s struggles withContinue readingA Word About The Oscar’s Incident