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When Coping Becomes A Problem

When I was a child, I had a fever… My hands felt just like two balloons. Now I’ve got that feeling once again, I can’t explain, you would not understand,Continue readingWhen Coping Becomes A Problem


So I Went To Rehab

With respect to Amy, I had to go (go.. go…) I realized my bad coping mechanisms had become a problem by the fall of 2020. Besides the trauma I wasContinue readingSo I Went To Rehab


SMART Recovery or AA: What’s The Difference?

Being part of a recovery program greatly increases your odds of success in staying clean and sober. When most people hear the phrase “recovery program” they automatically think of AAContinue readingSMART Recovery or AA: What’s The Difference?


The Case Against Xanax

Hear me out before you get mad at me, k? Xanax is one of the most ubiquitous medications in America when it comes to trauma fighters. It may be inContinue readingThe Case Against Xanax


Trigger Season – Hometown Edition

I’ve been absent for a bit because in July I finally realized my dream of purchasing a home and land back in the NC mountains where I grew up. AndContinue readingTrigger Season – Hometown Edition


Xanax Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

I am shaky. Lightheaded and dizzy. When I stand up I feel an intense wave of dizziness that makes me sway on my feet and dims my vision. It feelsContinue readingXanax Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

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Vivitrol For Alcohol Abuse

Vivitrol is a monthly shot that blocks opioid molecules from attaching to opioid receptors in your brain. In other words, when you drink or take opioid medications, the dopamine yourContinue readingVivitrol For Alcohol Abuse