My Story

What do I know about this trauma thing? I share my experiences here.

Some of these stories are pretty intense. I share them not because I have “arrived” and completely healed from the traumas in my life, because I haven’t. But so that you can see someone else has gone through the muck and is still plugging away. Still reaching for joy every day.

Be kind to yourself as you read these, and be wary of triggers. I will do my best to give Content Warnings on each article.

Twice Motherless; Adopted by The Great Queen

On a cold night in December, 1970, a barely 18-year-old girl was dropped off at an unwed mother’s clinic just over the state line from where she lived. Her fatherContinue readingTwice Motherless; Adopted by The Great Queen


Donald Trump and Sexual Assault

CW: Sexual Assault of a minor. First appeared on Pentecostal to Pagan in October, 2016 At the age of 14 I went to a concert. The adult relative who tookContinue readingDonald Trump and Sexual Assault


My Dad Goes Too Far

This article originally appeared on Pentecostal to Pagan November, 2016. It is the story of the first time I ever REALLY stood up to my father. CW: Verbal abuse, narcissisticContinue readingMy Dad Goes Too Far


Mom Joins The Fray

CW: Victim Blaming I’ve posted previously about how my dad and I originally cut ties. This is what happened next. So the original “incident” happened in October of 2016, aContinue readingMom Joins The Fray


The Parents Return

In 2019, I was taking my second round of Lora O’Brien‘s Meeting The Morrigan intensive. It’s a six month class, offered once a year and “intensive” is an understatement. IContinue readingThe Parents Return


What A Flashback Feels Like

CW: child abuse. I was alone, waiting in the exam room for my Psychiatrist to arrive for my appointment. He was running a bit behind, and my mind began toContinue readingWhat A Flashback Feels Like


That Time the Parents Came to Therapy

CW: child abuse, gaslighting, verbal abuse, victim blaming So when last we joined our saga, I had had a flashback. I remembered vividly my dad holding me by the upperContinue readingThat Time the Parents Came to Therapy


Vivitrol For Alcohol Abuse

Vivitrol is a monthly shot that blocks opioid molecules from attaching to opioid receptors in your brain. In other words, when you drink or take opioid medications, the dopamine yourContinue readingVivitrol For Alcohol Abuse


Birth Mama Drama

This feels like an episode of Jerry Springer lol. Grab some tea and buckle up! So, my birth mother was 18, and hadn’t finished high school when I was bornContinue readingBirth Mama Drama


Trigger Season – Hometown Edition

I’ve been absent for a bit because in July I finally realized my dream of purchasing a home and land back in the NC mountains where I grew up. AndContinue readingTrigger Season – Hometown Edition


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