Why Old Gods?

People of all faith types – even those who don’t believe in gods at all – experience trauma and it’s aftermath. Living with PTSD or other scars from abuse, traumatic events and other psychological damage is a heavy burden.

Unfortunately, in most of the Western World if there is a spiritual component to healing this damage, it is often based (even if loosely) on the tenets of the Abrahamic religions. Peace comes through forgiveness. Learn to let go of your anger. Sometimes these ideas are pushed even before the victim has a chance to truly process the damage they’ve endured.

In my experience with facing my own traumas, and fighting for a place of equilibrium, this is bullshit*.

You Can’t Wish Pain Away

The first step to healing is to fully acknowledge and OWN what happened to you. Feel your righteous anger. Let it burn until it burns itself out. Skipping this step only represses that anger, and grows what Carl Jung called our Shadow self. We can never be free and whole until we embrace all the things we’ve stuffed down that hole.

There are several Pagan deities that can help with this process. Or, if you’re not a gods kinda person, nature itself can take on your fury – try standing outside in the middle of a bad thunderstorm and screaming to it of your pain and anger. As the storm moves on, some of your pain will as well.

Obviously this is only scratching the surface of the healing process. And make no mistake, it is a life-long process. But this website is here to help anyone who feels a call to something other than “mainstream religion,” yet recognizes they need a spiritual dimension to heal.

A Safe Space For Healing

Consider this a safe space – a place where you can hear others experiences and even share your own. A place where all races, genders and sexual preferences are respected. Where we are all free to curse and rage and shout – and maybe even throw a hex or two at those who deserve it – without being in any way chastised or minimized – Trauma is trauma and all forms will be treated with the same respect.

The only rule is not to judge or insult others in the process of healing. (So it goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway: admin will be VERY heavy handed in weeding out any forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. And since I own this site my decisions are final.)

So welcome. Pour a cup of your favorite beverage and let’s get to healing.

*This website embraces profanity. Do not bother complaining about it. Healing is messy and will not be censored.

This website was inspired by, and is dedicated to the Irish Goddess An Mórrígan.

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