The Old Gods

Meeting Manannan Mac Lir

Originally appeared on Pentecostal to Pagan 18 April 2017 After coming home from the Women’s March, I reached the point where depression and anxiety made it impossible to do more thanContinue readingMeeting Manannan Mac Lir


Lillian Mardöllsdarttir on Ancestors

By Lillian Mardöllsdarttir, original post found here. Here is your reminder that humans have been humaning for 200,000 years (probably) and we’ve only written about it for the last 5,000.Continue readingLillian Mardöllsdarttir on Ancestors


Twice Motherless; Adopted by The Great Queen

On a cold night in December, 1970, a barely 18-year-old girl was dropped off at an unwed mother’s clinic just over the state line from where she lived. Her fatherContinue readingTwice Motherless; Adopted by The Great Queen


How The Ancestors Help Us Heal

My ancestors have been speaking to me for a while now. Two years ago author John Beckett wrote a blog about the then-current situation here in America. Mr. Beckett had beenContinue readingHow The Ancestors Help Us Heal


Lugh’s Response To Family Trauma

Lugh is a fairly famous fellow, as Irish Gods go. He features pretty prominently in the old Irish sagas, from leading the Tuatha Dé Danann in the Battle of MoyturaContinue readingLugh’s Response To Family Trauma

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