Preparing For Magic

My parents have finally gone too far. I am, for the first time, going to hex them.

Obviously they’ve done a lifetime’s worth of damage to me. But one week ago my 102 year old grandmother passed away. Grandma spent the last 2 years of her life in a horrible nursing home which she hated. The last year she couldn’t have visitors due to the pandemic. She’d planned for almost 30 years to be buried beside my grandfather in Asheville, but rather than have a funeral immediately (or transport her body) my mother has had Grandma cremated. They say (to other family members as they are refusing to speak to me as if I am the one in the wrong) they’ll have a graveside memorial “sometime when the weather is warmer.”

I like layering magic in as many ways as possible in my spells. Of course, it’s possible to cast on the fly and work spells with much less components. But when I have the time, the more layers I can add the more focused and powerful I feel.

I’m using 3 herbs: Yarrow, Holly and Dill. The dill came from the grocery store, but the yarrow and holly were gathered in my yard today. I spoke charms over them and left offerings to the plant spirits as is the traditional way. (Not sure if this tradition is Cherokee or if it also came over from Ireland and Scotland with those ancestors. I just know to do it.)

Here are videos I took while collecting the Holly and Yarrow:

Collecting Yarrow that I grew from seed
Collecting Holly

I chose the herbs based on magical correspondences, some of which surprised me. I’ve long known Yarrow as a magical plant, which is why I grew it from seed. The charm I say above as I gather it is ostensibly from a love charm. But in Witching Herbs Harold Roth points out that spell is deeper than what you see on the surface. My intent certainly isn’t about love, as you may notice as I speak the last two lines. I am using yarrow for it’s connection to aggression, war, banishing, and death.

Holly is well known for it’s protective properties, and is a very powerful plant ally. I am including it for it’s connection to banishing, battle, death and revenge.

Dill surprised me the most as I was researching herbs for this spell. It’s one of my favorite herbs to cook with but this is my first time using it in magic. I’m including it for it’s connection to defense, setting hexes, justice and black magic.

(Correspondences from Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences.)

Once I have the herbs gathered, I put them on my Morrigan altar. She will be aiding me in the spell later. I asked her in the meantime to be adding her power to the powers of the plant spirits.

At 9pm I plan to work the spell. I will create a poppet out of a dishrag, and add a picture of the offending parties. I have written a charm to speak over it, but I will not share that just yet.

Between the plants, the Ancestors, and the Morrigan I believe a pretty powerful spell will be created. Finally, the couple formerly known as my parents will face some justice for the wrongs they’ve committed all these years.

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